Privacy Statement

We know how important the privacy of your information is to you. Not only your financial information but any data that you provide. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. This privacy statement explains what we do with your data and what purposes it may be used for. We may change the content or services found on our sites at any time without notice and this privacy policy may change at any time in the future.

Bond Private Insurance Services Ltd (Bond) will only collect, process and store information about you gathered from you and from publicly available sources, such as the electoral register. We will keep your information while you have a relationship with us and for any retention period that we are legally required to meet. If you use standard e-mail for communication with Bond, information may not be protected and you should be aware that Bond cannot guarantee that it remains confidential whilst in transit. E-mails sent to Bond will be monitored and checked to ensure our systems operate effectively. It must be recognised that there are associated risks with the use of public networks like the Internet and we cannot guarantee the safety of any part of the Internet that we do not provide or control.

This privacy policy only covers our website, external websites are not covered by this policy.Please note that any changes that Bond makes to this policy will be communicated electronically on the homepage of this site and not by individual written communication.

Our website may send Cookies to your browser. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that identify it to our website. They are used to remember your computer's details and preferences to provide a better browsing experience. Cookies are also used for trending information so that we can improve our service. We do not use them to identify individual users for sales or marketing purposes. We do not obtain personal data from your computer or gather personal information about you unless you personally give information to our server. Furthermore computer viruses are not passed through the use of Cookies. You may choose to disallow Cookies via your browser but, given that we may sometimes use Cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of our website if you do so.

General Data Protection Regulation

Please take a few minutes to read this document carefully as it contains important information relating to the details you have given us. You should also show this document to anyone else who is covered under your policy. Your information will be held by Bond Private Insurance Services Ltd.

Managing your information

Your privacy is important to us, and we will respect your personal information. We will use the information that you have given us to manage your insurance policy, including underwriting and claims handling. This may include disclosing it to insurers, service providers, regulatory authorities who work with us. Information is collected lawfully and in accordance with Data Protection Legalisation, which applies to identifiable living individuals, and we will do our best to ensure that your details are accurate and kept up to date. If you become aware of any inaccuracies please ask for these to be corrected. We will continue to hold information about you after your relationship with us has ended, but we will only hold it for as long as required.

Our Data Protection registration number is Z1653551

Information provided may be stored on computer records and/or in paper files to assist us in completing transactions on your behalf, and may be used for marketing and statistical purposes. This information may be disclosed to third parties in the course of providing analysis, marketing and servicing of our relationship with you. Details may be passed to our regulatory authorities and auditors for the purpose of compliance. However, strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Sensitive personal data

In order to provide insurance we need to process sensitive personal data, as defined in the Data Protection Legalisation (e.g. health, convictions), about you and others named on the policy. Before sharing any information about another person you should obtain their consent. We will only use this data for the specific purpose for which you provided it and the services described in your policy documents.

Dealing with other people

At the request of many of our customers and to make managing your insurance more convenient it is our policy to deal with your spouse or partner who calls on your behalf provided they are named on the policy and in some exceptional circumstances we will deal with others who call on your behalf. If at any time you prefer us to deal with you only or you would like someone else to be able to deal with your policy on a regular basis, please call us to let us know.

Call monitoring

We may monitor or record telephone calls in order to improve our service.
If you have any questions please free to contact:
Date Protection Officer
Bond Private Insurance Services Ltd
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T. +44 (0)20 3178 4652